Online Casinos vs. Real Casinos – Know the Difference

blog post - Real Casinos vs. Online Casinos - What's the Difference

What's the difference between real and online casinos aside from its venue?

Anyone who has ever set foot in a real casino will be surprised by its glitz and glamour. The playground of neon lights, the bells and whistles of slot machines, and the crisp sounds of cards whirring in the dealer's hands make it an overall unique experience.

Enter technology. Ever since the Internet became available to the public, there has been a steady rise in online casino enterprises. Meanwhile, the old-school casino started losing ground among avid players.

So what sets apart real and online casino aside from its venue? Read on to find out.


In online casino, players can play several casino games at any time and place, provided they have access to the Internet.

However, nothing beats the luxurious atmosphere of a real casino. They allow players to meet and socialize with people. It also introduces the human element, where real players and dealers participate. They also offer additional services, such as hotel rooms, entertainment acts, and restaurants.

Bonuses and Offers

The bonus systems and offers provided by real and online casinos are different. Compared to real casinos, the player has a much better chance to get bonuses online. Why? Online casino attracts their players through sign up bonuses and VIP programs. However, online casinos require rigorous wager. If they offer a $200 bonus, the player has to bet the bonus offer for at least 30 times to get a payout.

New Casino Games

There is a higher risk for first-timers losing a lot of money when trying to learn a real casino game. On the other hand, online casino offers free games with no bets at stake to practice as much as they want without losing their money.

Payout Time

Online casino may take days before players get their payout, but they can claim it almost instantly with real casino. Some online casinos use a system called “pending withdrawal,” which takes time for the player to receive their payment.

Real and Online casinos: Jackpot Amount

Online casino usually offers huge payouts, while real casino gives smaller progressive jackpots. After all, online casinos don’t need to rent a casino building and buy gaming tables.

Real and Online casinos: Legislative Restrictions

The only restriction real casinos have are the age restrictions. The majority of real casinos allow their players from other places to enter their premises. By contrast, players can only play in areas where online casinos are licensed to operate in a specific country.

The success of casino games lies in the modernized approach to its operational process. It is no wonder why online casinos have been popular in terms of the advantages they offer. Nevertheless, real casinos still manage to hold their high-end status while maintaining its popularity among avid players.

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