Monkey madness

In Monkey Madness, Ace accidentally transforms a normal monkey into a huge, rampaging monster. He’s at Ace’s school when he stumbles upon Safari Bob’s presentation. He must stop the rampaging beast before it attacks the school. But he doesn’t realize what he’s doing until it’s too late. The ensuing chaos is enough to send Ace and his friends on a wild goose chase!

The graphics are old-school, but the game plays well on mobile devices, and the 1000x line-bet jackpot is definitely worth the gamble! While it may not be as exciting as the more recent online slot games, Monkey Madness is a fun way to pass time. It works perfectly on smartphones, even though it’s not optimized for mobile devices. The paytable is difficult to read on mobile devices, but the speed and sound of the reels are worth it.

As a Pragmatic Play slot, Monkey Madness is designed with simplicity in mind. The game has three reels and nine paylines. It features one major feature, and that’s the wild monkeys wearing sunglasses. You’ll also be able to win a nine-payline multiplier by landing three wild symbols. In addition to the monkeys, you’ll find many other monkeys to meet along the way.

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