Extra juicy

The all new, hot new game from Pragmatic Play resembles an Awp video slot from the many casinos of Las Vegas and it is Extra Juicy casino game. It is loaded with mouth-watering symbols, tasty bonuses, and big payouts. However with a powerful progressive multiplier and special free spins, the Extra Juicy slot is so much more than just a typical slot machine. There are many little secrets that can be used along with this exciting new jackpot machine to get the biggest payout. Here is how you can get it right every time:

There are many things that can affect how much you will win at the casino game, but what you do before you step foot in a casino is important. Knowing what you will have to put up before you win or putting up more money than what you have on hand, will help you decide if you want to play the Extra Juicy Slot Machines. You should make sure you bet max win or higher when playing this casino game and set aside enough money to cover your bets with at least a week. This will help you win with more confidence because you have already doubled your money. You also want to remember to scatters everywhere and play until your last bet to increase your payout.

Scratches are good and it helps you win the big jackpots in this slot game. Each time you play you are going to have a small chance to hit a single jackpot but the chances of hitting two or more jackpots is much better. Just always remember that the reels in the casino machine are not real. They are simply plastic with graphics printed on them. These are some of the things that you need to know about the Extra Juicy Slot Machines.

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