The demonic theme and music of the Demon slot machine is a nod to the English rock band, a major influence on the new wave of British heavy metal. With 30 paylines and an infernal atmosphere, the game offers rich gameplay and a unique soundtrack. It is perfect for fans of the genre, gothic, and horror films. It has a high volatility and impressive bonus potential, so it won’t be too easy to win the jackpot prize of 5000x!

This game’s atmosphere is frenetic, with intense bonus activity, high volatility, and a good RTP rating. Its big wins are challenging, but not unattainable. There’s a metal soundtrack to accompany the game, with six songs and an exclusive seventh. A bonus feature lets players win a progressive jackpot worth up to five thousand coins! It’s a good choice for fans of the genre and for those who enjoy intense gameplay.

Aside from its great design, the Demon slot has some unique features. For starters, it has a soundtrack that is stunning. It also has a music playlist that features 7 songs – the first two are from the band’s album – and the last song, “The Devil Rides Out,” starts on the 100th spin. The demonic theme can be heard throughout the game, and the audio is in the form of piano and guitar.

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