888 dragons

Playing 888 Dragons is easy. The game is compatible with all kinds of devices, including mobile and tablet devices. The interface is simple with a paytable to the left of the display. Click the ‘i’ button to see more details. The whirling dragons and a soundtrack add to the theme. You can win big money […]

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888 gold

888 Gold is an interesting slot game from Pragmatic Play, the developer of a number of games based on the Chinese culture. The game has three reels and offers multiple coin prizes for matching symbols. In fact, you can win 6,000 coins for scoring three wild symbols. If you’re unsure whether this game is worth […]

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Diamonds are forever 3 lines

The Diamonds are Forever 3 lines slot machine is a new game that has been developed by a group of casino enthusiasts. It follows the rules of traditional slots, but is much more challenging. The graphics and design are incredible and the game is extremely easy to play. This game allows you to win up […]

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Triple tigers

The studio behind the Triple Tigers slot machine is Pragmatic Play, a company that has been operating since 2015. It has connections to the infamous TomGame, which is also owned by the same person. In the past, the studio has won several awards for its innovative titles, but this one is quite different. The focus […]

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Monkey madness

In Monkey Madness, Ace accidentally transforms a normal monkey into a huge, rampaging monster. He’s at Ace’s school when he stumbles upon Safari Bob’s presentation. He must stop the rampaging beast before it attacks the school. But he doesn’t realize what he’s doing until it’s too late. The ensuing chaos is enough to send Ace […]

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Irish charms

There are many different kinds of Irish charms. The most popular ones are the lucky penny and the lucky stone. The former brings you prosperity on the new moon while the latter brings you protection from evil. In Irish Charms, you must cross your fingers to land the jackpot. These items are made of gold […]

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